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We're Minority Business Owners. Here's How That Feels.

Hi everyone, we want to welcome you to our blog. We have so many things we want to share with you—about CBD, and about how it can affect your life. But we’re in the middle of a pandemic and even more importantly we have recently found ourselves in the wake of a global uprising. Our eyes are pinned to the news coverage of the global protests sparked by the egregious murder of another person of color. As we observe the events in our communities, across the country and the world, what we are witnessing is a culmination of all the systematic inequities and injustices that plague the black and brown communities. To say that we are stressed, anxious and overwhelmed is putting it mildly. We can only imagine that so many of you feel the same!

This is Us

We are a husband and wife team, and we are also parents of two young multi-racial children. We’re anxious about the future, about how we’ll build a just tomorrow for our family.

Our company stands in support of and for equal treatment and justice for all, no matter your skin color or sexual orientation. Here are a few things that we are doing to instill awareness and inspire change in our everyday lives as business owners, community members and parents.

As many of you have heard it is not enough to not be a racist. In order to evoke change we must be anti-racist (summed up so perfectly by Angela Davis). By that we mean calling out others when we find ourselves in conversations or situations that do not align with our outlook of equality for all. We have to recognize that bias in some form exists in all of us. Recognizing it in ourselves and engaging in dialogue to help others recognize it in themselves is one small way to bring about change. It is not only the overt but the subliminal bias that is interwoven into so much of what we watch, listen to and witness in our everyday lives that normalizes racial stigmas and perpetuates the cycle of oppression.

Resources for Anti-Racist Education Tools

We would like to take this opportunity to direct you to some of the incredible educators who are helping to spread the message.

In addition, here are a few links for charities that you can donate to in order to support the peaceful protests in the BLM Movement. Donations will go toward legislative efforts to overturn systemically racist policies at either national, state, or local levels.

Moms Demand Action; donations will be matched dollar for dollar by Everytown, Moms Demand Action’s parent organization

Take Action Chapel Hill; Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Austin Justice Coalition; Austin, Texas

We look forward to connecting with you moving forward and sharing more CBD information.

Until we speak again,

Daniela and Justin

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