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New Study: CBD Could Treat COVID-19

Have you been thinking about adding CBD to your daily wellness routine? Well, here’s one more reason to consider trying the cannabis extract. According to a new study, CBD could actually counteract the COVID-19 virus. In fact, there seem to be several different ways that CBD could fight against this deadly virus.

CBD as an Anti-Inflammatory

One of the first ways CBD could help COVID patients is by fighting inflammation. Specifically, this study suggests the CBD could target extreme lung inflammation. That's critical, since this symptom plagues patients with serious COVID cases.

This isn't the first discovery about CBD and COVID-19. We've already learned from the Medical and Dental College of Georgia that CBD could boost oxygen levels for COVID patients. Their research also showed that CBD reduced lung inflammation. And it prevented severe lung damage.

Now, researchers at Augusta University are building on those findings. They’re trying to identify other ways in which CBD could stop COVID-19-related lung damage. [i]

Of course, we’re still learning about how COVID attacks patients. But one thing we do know is that the virus triggers an overactive inflammatory response in the body. (It’s also called a ‘cytokine storm’ or acute respiratory distress syndrome, ARDS.) Apparently, taking CBD may prevent or reduce the impact of ARDS. This is an important discovery. Because, as the study authors explain, “there is no definitive cure for ARDS." So there's a need to find new treatment options. And, so far, CBD is showing potential in this area.

Testing the Theory

Now, CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid system. Which is why CBD stops or slows your body's from making pro-inflammatory cytokines. That’s why researchers thought taking CBD could reduce COVID patients’ lung inflammation. And, in the process, they hoped to prevent lung damage and make it easier for patients to breathe. If proven, giving CBD to COVID patients could then reduce the need for ventilators.

But, before testing this treatment on humans, Augusta researchers turned to mouse research. The animal subjects were given injections to induced ARDS. They then experienced symptoms like those in severe COVID-19 patients.

After the injections, some mice experienced cytokine storms. Their blood-oxygen levels fell by 10%, and their lungs sustained structural damage. Next, researchers CBD these mice CBD—and the results were incredible. Study authors reported, “These symptoms were totally or partially reversed.” Even better? The mice’s lung health “returned to the level and condition of the normal,” according to the study authors.

CBD for Boosting Immunity

Researchers discovered another important effect of the CBD treatment. Sick mice who got CBD treatments produced more lymphocytes. (These are white blood cells that help our bodies fight infections.)

Now, researchers believe that CBD does more than fight inflammation. Or stop overreactions in your body's inflammatory response. In fact, it could also boost your immune system. Which means that taking CBD could help your body kick COVID 19 (and other viruses) to the curb. With a faster, more effective immune response.

Still, researchers point out that this early animal study needs more investigation. And we need to test CBD as a treatment for humans with COVID-19. But, at the same time, we know that CBD is a generally safe substance. (That means it comes with few side effects. Although it does interact with certain medications. So you should always discuss CBD use with your doctor.)

But this study is promising. And we've got evidence of CBD's safety. Which is why we’re excited to see how CBD can make a difference in the medical community. Both during this pandemic, and in the future.

Because, with further research, we think CBD could become a valuable therapeutic supplement. And, in the meantime, we’re going to keep taking our daily doses. Since we’ve learned that doing so makes us feel better. It helps us cope with hectic work and family schedules. It makes it easier to sneak in our daily workouts. And it gives us other effects that allow us to rely on CBD in many different ways.

So, as we sign on for the day, know this. CBD research will continue. And we’ll be watching the progress (and updating our readers)! Which means, you can return to the blog to learn about CBD's future medical possibilities !

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