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Is CBD Different for Men and Women?

Do men and women have different CBD experiences? It’s a good question. After all, as a married couple, we know exactly how different men and women are. In almost every way. But does that translate to having a different CBD experience based on gender?

Here’s the story. The size of your body, your metabolism and your hormones can all affect the way CBD reacts in your body. So, the quick answer is, yes. Men and women react differently to CBD. But we never want to give you the simple answer. Which is why, today, we’re taking a deep dive into CBD’s differences for men and women.

Why Does CBD Affect Your Body?

If you experience effects after taking CBD, that experience is because of your endocannabinoid system. (You may hear it called the ECS for short.) This system is a network of receptors scattered throughout your body. And those receptors have a big job. They work to preserve balance (homeostasis) in your body. It plays a role in your mood, your immune system, your sleep and—yep—your hormones.

The ECS produces endocannabinoids, which interact with your receptors to restore your internal balance. These endocannabinoids share similarities with cannabis compounds, like CBD, which are known as cannabinoids. And that’s why, when you introduce cannabinoids to your system, you may notice effects in systems that are controlled by your ECS.

Now, here’s where we can start understanding why CBD may be different for men and women. CBD interacts with your ECS receptors. Your ECS plays a role in your body’s hormones. And men and women experience very different hormonal shifts within their bodies. Get it? Now let’s look at how CBD affects men and how CBD affects women!

What is CBD like for men?

Let’s get back to those ECS receptors for a minute. Did you know you can find some in the male reproductive system? It’s true. According to the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, testicular tissue and sperm both contain cannabinoid receptors. And so does your brain, which means your ECS can also control when men release pituitary hormones, which play a role in reproduction.

While we aren’t sure exactly why, these factors mean CBD can affect your testosterone levels. Specifically, research suggests that taking CBD could increase levels of this male hormone. And since testosterone can impact everything from your sex drive to your strength and muscle mass, that’s a big deal for the boys who are exploring CBD use. [i]

Still, we need to note one more CBD difference for men and women. It seems that men have less noticeable reactions than women when using cannabis products. [ii] Which means men might need more CBD to get their desired results. And, because they also have faster metabolisms, those effects may kick in faster but not last as long. So men may also need to dose their CBD more frequently than women. Or choose longer-lasting delivery methods, like edible CBD instead of CBD oil tinctures.

What is CBD Like for Women?

CBD also affects women’s hormones. But it does so differently than it does for men. Right now, we don’t have enough evidence to say that CBD can change your female hormone levels. (But THC does seem to inhibit estrogen. Although that’s not an issue to consider with 12Twenty’s lab tested, THC-free, broad-spectrum CBD.)

Instead, many women choose to use CBD to deal with symptoms that come up from hormonal fluctuations. That’s especially true for women in menopause. Or during perimenopause, when many women start experiencing symptoms such as insomnia, hot flashes and more.

So, how does CBD help women with menopause? CBD seems to affect how your body absorbs serotonin. And, since this is known as the “feel good” hormone, keeping it around for longer could help you manage anxious feelings that come up during periods of hormonchanges. Plus, CBD is linked to better sleep habits.

Finally, some studies suggest that CBD has some common properties of popular anti-depressants. And many women take SSRIs and other anti-depressants for help with hot flashes. So some women may find relief from CBD, with fewer side effects than the stronger prescription medications.

In these ways, CBD for women can help you cope with hormonal fluctuations you naturally experience every month. And as you age. Just keep in mind that women’s brains are more responsive to cannabis. Which means you should start with a lower CBD dose than your male counterparts. And, with slower metabolisms, it could take a little longer for women to notice CBD’s effects. But, on the plus side? Once they kick in, CBD’s effects in your body should last longer than they do when men take CBD.

CBD Dose for Men and Women

Men and women have bodies that work differently. Which means their CBD journeys will also follow different paths. Men may need to take higher CBD doses. And to dose more frequently. While women can take less CBD, less often.

Now, when it comes to hormones, CBD seems to impact testosterone more than estrogen. But one thing remains the same. Both men and women taking CBD will experience effects related to their ECS. And that means that men and women who take CBD may sleep better, stay calmer and live with less pain. Sound good to you, boys and girls? It certainly does to us! So please reach out with any questions about our THC-free CBD products. Because, regardless of gender, we want to share our passion for cannabinoids with everyone!

[i] [ii] Curr Addict Rep

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